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Psalm 10:14


It's super important to us to obey Jesus and take what He says seriously. That's how the righteous people of old lived in both the Old and New Testament. Their lives were radically centered around loving and helping people and defending the helpless, because that's what God cares about. The Bible couldn't be ANY clearer about how much God cares about the needy, the oppressed, and the orphans. And we can't think of a greater honor than to share what we have with kiddos that need a family. Adoption is what Jesus did for us. It's the greatest privilege to share that same love with someone else.


UPDATE: January 2023

THE ADOPTION IS LEGALLY FINALIZED! Thank you all SO much for your generous support along the way!!!


UPDATE: August 2022

We made it to the MOST important milestone of our adoption journey...

Every adoption is "not over until it's over" - meaning, birth parents can legally change their mind until a certain window of time. Today, that window of time officially closed, and Lylah is legally under our guardianship!


Even though today began like any other day and feels a lot like yesterday (like most important days do!) in reality it's a huge day. One of the most significant days of our lives. We feel immensely honored to be able to parent Lylah, take care of her, love her, and help her reach her full potential. 


We are so, so grateful to everyone that gave towards our adoption fund... we are so touched by all of the love and support we've received.


THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.


Josh, Tess, & Lylah


UPDATE: June 2022

As of a few days ago, Lylah is living with us full time.  The legal paperwork will still take some time to finalize, but we are so happy that she is with us and we can begin getting her settled and establishing real routines.

She has been doing so well, and we already see a huge amount of developmental progress in her in the short time we’ve known her. She is now saying “uh oh” and “hi” and “bye” and blowing kisses - all things she couldn’t do when we first met her. She is also trying to say “car” and “snack” and “bath” and several other things. She displays a lot of understanding as well; the other day we asked her to please pick up her juice from the floor and put it on the table, and she did! We have been told that she cries non-stop at her previous home, and is never happy... here she laughs and giggles all the time, and is very pleasant pretty much all the time. (Unless she’s over-tired, lol.)

We are so very happy to be able to give her the attention and care she needs, and we’re very encouraged that it’s already making a difference. She’s become best friends with our doggies, and they’re thrilled to have a family member around that actually enjoys their gross doggie kisses.  

All GoFundMe gifts go towards the cost of the adoption, as well as practical things we need for Lylah.

We’ll update this page when the legal paperwork is more official. It will take another 1-2 months for all of that.



UPDATE: May 2022

We will be adopting Lylah, a 4-year-old girl, sometime this summer. Lylah has some special needs, and is developmentally behind her age. We have spent the last month and a half getting to know her.

Lylah will be transitioning into our home over the next several weeks by spending weekends with us. The official adoption date will likely be in the next 1-2 months. Lylah is already very comfortable with us and has already started bonding with us, so we are hoping and praying for a smooth transition for her.

Lylah is a sweetheart, loves our dogs, loves coloring, laughing and cuddling. We're very excited to welcome her into our family, and our hearts.

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