Psalm 10:14

Hey there, we're Josh & Tess, the two humans behind the scenes of Acts Initiative.


It's super important to us to obey Jesus and take what He says seriously. That's how the righteous people of old lived in both the Old and New Testament. Their lives were radically centered around loving and helping people and defending the helpless, because that's what God cares about. The Bible couldn't be ANY clearer about how much God cares about orphans. And we can't think of a greater honor than to share what we have with kiddos that need a family. Adoption is something we have always wanted to do because it's what Jesus did for us. How could we not want to share that same love?

We are officially in the process of adopting, but for us this isn't about the warm fuzzy feeling of having a family - it's not about us at all, it's about being a part of something we know God cares about deeply and helping kids that need help.

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Most recent update (February 2022)...

We are officially, legally APPROVED to adopt! We went through quite a process of interviewing with a social worker and filling out lots of paperwork (this process is called a "Home Study".) We can adopt from any state within the US.

The next step is to connect with a birth mother and begin the legal adoption process. This can happen either by word of mouth, or through an agency or adoption attorney. We are praying to connect through word of mouth because that makes the process much less expensive - if we can take the same amount of money and adopt 4 kids rather than just one, we'd prefer that! Please pray that we can connect with a mom in that way...


And please keep your ears open (and spread the word) if you hear about a mother who can't keep her child! Let her know about us.

We are open to any gender or race, and also open to adopting twins.


If you haven't already, we encourage you to watch this video where we talk about why it's so important to help orphans and widows.

We encourage those that can adopt to consider it. We encourage those that are unable to adopt to consider other ways that they can help orphans, widows, foreigners, the oppressed, and the needy.

Build your life around the things God cares about. There is need all around.

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If you would like to help us financially with this adoption, thank you. We do work, but we are not rich.

We know that you may not be able to help, and that's ok! But if you would like to give you can do so here:

GoFundMe is our preference,

but checks can also be mailed to our postal box:

Josh & Tess

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