Have you heard what they’re saying about me?

For the sake of your name I’ve become a reproach

Even some who I thought would stand right by my side

Turn away from me as I pass by

You have chosen and called me to bear your name

To the people who mock you and nations that rage

They despise you not listening to what you say

Hating all who would tell them to turn from their ways


So I sit alone in the midst of the crowd

‘Cause you’ve filled me with indignation

Your word became the delight of my heart

I cannot join in their games

You’ve laid your hand upon me


Have you heard what they’ve spoken against you?

Saying there’s no advantage to serving the Lord

They think if they test you they’ll always escape

You’ve sent me to warn them before it’s too late

But they think that I’m exaggerating

Living in fantasy, making up lies

Since they’ve all agreed that they’re doing just fine

And majority rules in their minds


If I were still seeking to please mankind

I wouldn’t be your servant

But I count it an honor to share in your suffering

Give me endurance to run

With my eyes on the prize


They treat me as if I’m their enemy

Yet you call me to lay down my life like you did

You know that I’m weak and I’m weary, O Lord

Help me to love like you do

Have mercy on these hardened sinners

I’m just like them, no, even worse

But in your great mercy you saved me through grace

Have mercy on them they know not what they do


I’m a light for their observation

And I’m suffering implications

Of walking in this occupation

But I have an obligation

To proclaim your great salvation

Making your truth my foundation

I am losing my reputation

But I’m fixing my eyes on you Lord

Without hesitation

I choose consecration