Like a dry and weary land I thirst

Like a deer panting for water

Like a river with no rainfall over time

Running shallow 'til it’s dry


I need You, Lord And I don’t want substitutions

Without You, Lord I can’t survive

I need the real thing

So much more than just a sensation

I need the fullness of Love

So deep and so wide


Won’t You come and rend the heavens, O Lord

More of Your Spirit I am asking for

If a child comes and begs for bread

Not even sinners would give him rocks instead


I need You, Lord

And not just on a one-time occasion

I need Your fullness

To reach the nations

It’s midnight but I’m knocking with persistence

I’m not giving up 'til You open up

There’s got to be more


There's got to be, got to be more

Won't You open up the door?

I know that there's more, so much more

I am knocking at Your door, Lord

Won't You please give me more?

There has got to be, got to be

Got to be, got to be more!

“Suppose you went to a friend’s house at midnight… if you keep knocking long enough,

he will get up and give you whatever you need because of your shameless persistence.” (Luke 11:5-8)