​Unfortunately, most of what we call "Christianity" today... isn't. 


The early Christians didn't live how Christians live today. They didn't care about money, they hated the world, they shared generously with everyone, they didn't look out for their own interests, and they invested in eternity instead of in education, possessions, and other temporary things. But today, we can't even imagine a life like that... and that's a problem.

We want to see REAL Christianity spreading across again - the kind we read about in the New Testament. And so, we started the Acts Initiative website and YouTube channel as a way to publish free books and videos where we expose many lies that Christians have just become accustomed to and accepted because of our culture, churches, and the various doctrines we've been taught. We want to help people recognize the problem and start BECOMING the solution by changing the way we think and the way we live as Christians.

​Our personal story (Josh & Tess) is that we both grew up in church and thought we loved Jesus, but we didn't do what he said. (See John 14:23). We thought we were doing okay because all the "Christians" around us lived like us. But eventually, we started realizing that our priorities weren't the same priorities we saw all over the Bible. We were trying to fit the Bible into our normal lives instead of changing our life to look like how Jesus said he wants his followers to live. 


And what Jesus wants is radical. So, either Jesus didn't really mean what he said, or we needed to change.

We knew that it was insane that we were too busy working and paying bills to do things for the Lord. ​We needed to free up our time and resources. So, we got rid of a bunch of stuff we didn't need, stopped eating out, canceled our entertainment subscriptions, etc... until we had simplified as much as we could imagine at the time. (This is an ongoing process, and we're realizing new ways we can simplify all the time!) Currently we travel full time in a school bus tiny house where we write books, make videos, write music, pick up side jobs if we need to, and look for opportunities to help people in need.

Do the things Jesus actually cares about.

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