episode #1

This is a very familiar verse, but a lot of people don't realize what it really means or how to do it. Jesus said that if we seek first the Kingdom of God, all our needs will be taken care of. But what does it actually mean to seek first God's Kingdom? 

episode #2

We think Jesus is going to tell us "well done" for many things our church cultures have taught us, but is this really how Jesus defines "Christian"?  

episode #3

Many Christians believe that the key to growing in spiritual maturity and understanding is by reading the Bible, praying, or listening to sermons. But that's not what Paul taught. Paul taught that if you want to grow in spiritual understanding, you have to live in love! 

episode #4

1 Corinthians 8, 9, and 10 can't be separated - Paul was making a point. Law, love, work, and food sacrificed to idols... how and why are they all connected? 

episode #5

It's hard to recognize the truth if everyone is doing the opposite. This video points out several key problematic methods that Christians have adopted when they approach their Bible, and how we can start to reverse these methods! 

episode #6

A lot of people think they're on the Narrow Way but they're not. How can you know for sure? 


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