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You Have A Reputation That You Are Alive,
But You Are Dead

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Modern Christianity isn't Christianity at all. How did we get here? What do we do about it? Jesus and all the apostles warned us that the majority of Christians would fall away from the faith and be deceived. Like the Church of Sardis in the book of Revelation, these people would think they're alive, but really they would be dead. This is a warning that many Christians don't even realize exists, and even fewer Christians take seriously... yet it is the single biggest warning in the New Testament! Dead Church looks at this warning in the context of what Scripture also says about apostasy, false teaching, and how Jesus defined Christianity. It challenges popular beliefs, traditions, and theologies which Christians have accepted but are not biblical. It challenges Christians to put fresh eyes on Bible verses they think they already know. It challenges Christians to re-think Modern Church's answers to many questions.



Believed By The Apostles,
Banned By The Church

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The Apostle Jude quoted Enoch, but it’s a quote which we can’t find anywhere in our Bibles… and yet Jude called it prophecy. Jude was directly quoting The Book of Enoch, a work well-known and revered in Judaism and Christianity for thousands of years. But Jude wasn’t the only apostle to do this. Did the early Christians actually think The Book of Enoch was Scripture? This series/book looks at numerous places throughout the New Testament where the apostles and Jesus quoted or referenced The Book of Enoch, comparing passages, and proving that the apostles most definitely knew and believed this book. We discuss why the book was banned from Christianity as we know it, and how that came about. We examine what Enoch said about Jesus Himself. Lastly, we look at historical and archaeological evidence that also corroborates certain narratives and stories documented in The Book of Enoch, showing the book's historical reliability and credibility. If ancient Jews, the apostles, the early Church, and Jesus Himself held The Book of Enoch to be true prophecy, then who are you to ignore it?


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Most of our modern understanding of the Bible comes from sermons, devotionals, theology books, commentaries, and the like. We are so familiar with certain verses that we feel like we know them very well. This is extremely dangerous, because oftentimes the context sheds a completely different light on the meaning of a particular verse... and oftentimes it is very different from what we have been taught or what we have come to believe.


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The Bible is a very connected book. It fits together perfectly. Oftentimes Christians don't read it enough to make the connections, but they're there. One parable Jesus tells in Luke can be better understood by something Matthew also adds about the same story. Something Peter says can only be understood by seeing what he also said somewhere else.


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In the Church, the topic of Spiritual Gifts is talked about often. It's familiar to anyone that has spent a significant amount of Sundays in church. But do we really understand the topic? Do we understand the significance, purpose, and meaning or do we just know how to spit back a bunch of catch-phrases that we've soaked up?


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"... Use all wisdom to teach and instruct each other
by singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs..."

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Songs are not just for praise - they are also for teaching and admonishing. Songs have a way of sticking in your head more than almost anything else... why not harness that power so that the Word of God and the things he teaches are what is "sticking"? Christian music today is mostly cliche, shallow, or plain wrong. This needs to change.

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